Oakmont National Pub

Our Chef

Sebou Noufe


A native of the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Noufe’s background ironically was in military forces where he served for the Ivory Coast Special Forces. During his formative years in the United States, Noufe  was trained and certified from the Louisiana State Police Academy.  Once returning home to begin his career in military services that landscape had dramatically changed in the Ivory Coast.

Upon careful consideration and consultations from family Sebou decided to change his life path and leave the dangers of military services for a new life in the US where he picked up on his other passion in life, cooking.  In 2004 Noufe joined the team at the Oakmont National Pub and soon his prowess in the kitchen caught the attention of Ownership.

Now set to make his mark in the culinary world, Noufe graduated with honors from the culinary school of the Arts Institutes of Philadelphia.  “In the Kitchen I always remember the creativity of my mother whom always used fresh ingredients from our family farm and served them to the table.  Her expertise in combining African, French and Middle Eastern flavors in order to create a unique flavor profile influences me in my journey in the culinary world.”

Noufe’s style of cooking is more fusion cuisine where he creates ideas by combining fresh ingredients, spices and cheese from around the world to establish unique dishes.  While producing a quality pub menu indicative of a neighborhood American tavern, Noufe’s excels at the specials he creates daily that augment the regular menu.  The traditional pub fare that is delivered is consistent and made with fresh quality ingredients.  However; many of the great culinary finds happen when guests discover the various lunch and dinner specials.  Through creativity and techniques Sebou has had great success developing a following of customers that appreciate a unique meal.