Oakmont National Pub

About Us

Founded by the Goggin Brothers in 1999


Featured Partners Brendan, Peter and Garrett Goggin. (From left to right)

Established in 1999 the Goggin brothers have changed the landscape in Havertown by constructing the Oakmont National Pub and creating a local venue that has transfixed the local landscape.  The Oakmont Pub has become a classic American restaurant and tavern that keeps it real by catering to a budding local community.


The history of the Oakmont Pub dates back to the 20’s when the current property was once a large neighborhood bank.   True to it’s constructional origins there are many features of the original property the brothers decided to highlight and refurbish.  The large vault that has stood the test of time is a feature in the Oakmont and the original vaulted ceilings have been opened up after years of being covered.


Furthermore; the large bay windows incased with historic beveled glass was reintroduced to the neighborhood upon completion of construction back in 1999.  Since it’s opening the Oakmont has grown not only it’s business but it’s fingerprint.  After a few years of business the partners decided to expand outside by building a year round patio dinning area that is both confortable and functional.  The outside dinning allows the business to incorporate the outside elements into the functionality of the business.


With a regular local following and menu that is far and above standard pub fare the Oakmont National Pub has established itself as a local institution that celebrates quality fresh food and craft beers while delivering an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.  A quintessential family owned and operated business , the Oakmont Pub is everything Havertown is about, authentic, classic and unique.